I want to start this blog by introducing myself and sharing my story.  

A little over three years ago, November 2013 to be exact, I went through a crisis situation.  At the time I thought the only way to to get through it was to color.  I went to Barnes and Noble Bookstore and asked for adult coloring books.  They didn't have any!! That wouldn't be the case now would it?  The sales clerk took me across the store and introduced me to doodle art. Since I have always had a love for drawing I took off with doodle art.  The drawing helped me through my crisis situation. 

I am also a missionary in a 3rd. world country.  Many people ask me "What does art have to do with missions"? It seems that some cannot make any connection!! Art is very healing!! Coloring is very healing!! Through art/coloring I have met so many people! I have heard countless stories of how coloring my pictures helps them get through the hard days.  I have heard stories from beautiful people that are fighting for their lives - fighting against sickness and disease who use my coloring pages to help them get through the hell.  

My husband and I are independent missionaries, meaning we support ourselves on the mission field.  It's difficult to earn money while living in a remote area in a 3rd. world country but we love helping and serving the people here so we prayed for God to give us creative ideas on how to earn money.  We have a family that we have to feed and clothe and take care of just like everyone else.  

Over time as I accumulated drawings a dream I had as a young person returned.  I had always wanted to be a coloring book artist.  As a child growing up I was never allowed to pursue anything I liked.  My life was only about pleasing the adults in my world.  That is how I learned to be a people pleaser. 

For many years everything I did was in effort to please someone!! Make someone happy! I lived my life to please everyone else, always doing what everyone else wanted me to do.  My real dreams had been buried long long ago!!! Drawing and coloring caused those dreams to come to the surface. Once I started living out of that dream I no longer cared so much about what people thought of me.  I used to spend endless hours worrying over what people thought.  "Did I do something the right way?"  as my constant thought.  I actually lived a pretty unhappy miserable life.  The reason is you can't make everyone happy no matter what you do!!

At 50 years of age I am happy and living my dream.  Stepping into my dream and doing what I have always wanted to do allowed me to make a big change in my life.  I don't live as a people pleaser anymore!! My attitude in life and about myself totally changed!!  Now I developed a attitude that says "It's my life and I can do what pleases me, even if others don't like it or understand it"!!  I love to draw and color and this is the way I am touching my world!!

So what does it have to do with missions?? Coloring is a positive coping mechanism that helps people heal and recover from many things!! It also helps people cope with stress.  

I feel like I am doing what I was created to do for the first time in my life!! The dreams and talents and love for art that I have came from God!! This is the gift He gave me and is allowing me to touch my world with.  

At this current time I have 8 full size books on Amazon and those books are available in a variety of sizes.The drawing of the books and coloring has helped me turn my life around and become the person I was created to be!! 

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